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Welcome to the NEW Bergen County Area website


The November BASCNA meeting will be Tuesday November 18, 2014 at Upper Ridgewood Community Chruch 35 Fairmount Road Ridgewood, NJ 7:30PM.

The November BASCNA meeting will hold elections for the following area positions, please attend if you are interested in serving:

Position Clean Time Requirement
Chairperson 5 Years
Vice Chairperson 4 Years
Treasurer 5 Years
BOT Chair 5 Years
Assistant Treasurer 4 Years
Secretary 2 Years
Assistant Secretary 1 Year
Regional Committee Member-Alt 2 Years
Activities 2 Years
Literature (Sales) 2 Years
Assistant Literature 1 Year
Public Information (PI) 2 Years + 6 Months PI Experience
Policy 2 Years
Hospitals & Institutions (H&I) 2 Years + 1 Year H&I Experience
Meeting List 2 Years
Workshop 2 Years
Newsletter 2 Years
Website 5 Years
Convention 5 Years + 18 month Convention Experience
Literature Review 3 Years
Coffeemaker 6 Months
Assistant Coffeemaker No clean time required


Meetings in need of support:

Out of the Darkness Into the Light – Tuesday 7PM, 44 Armory St. Englewood (C, St, BT/Sponsor)

Step Sisters РThursday 7:30PM, 480 Warwick Ave. Teaneck  (C,W,S,D)

Straight Edge – Thursday 8PM, 514 Abbott Ave. Ridgefield (O,S,D alternate O,Td,D)

Weekend Liberty – Saturday 11:30AM, 129 William St. Englewood (O,S,Tp,D alternates Varied)

There’s an app for that! – Narcotics Anonymous World Service created a Meeting Finder app for both Apple and Google Devices. Download from these links:

This website was created by the Bergen Area Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous to spread the message of recovery to the still suffering addict.